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Explore our extensive collection of specialised accessories designed for your cutter.

Our range includes a variety of cutting heads and discs, specifically engineered for precision milling, and cutting through materials like PVC, cement, concrete, cast iron, and steel. Each accessory is designed to maximise precision and efficiency, ensuring flawless execution in every project.

Enhance your cutting precision with our centring tool sets with brushes or wheels. These tools are essential for maintaining the cutter’s alignment within the pipe, guaranteeing accuracy and stability during operation.


Delve into our essential maintenance and adjustment collection, a range specifically curated to amplify your cutting prowess. Regular upkeep and fine-tuning are crucial for optimal performance, and our selection provides everything you need to maintain your cutter in peak condition.

Repipe Lining Systems

In addition to the Dancutter accessories, we offer spare parts and consumables for the Repipe Spray-Lining Systems.


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