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FPV Headset


A first-person view of what your cutter camera sees inside the pipe. Dancutter’s FPV Headset is an essential accessory when you are cutting in bright sunlight with the DC SUPER FLEX or DC MAXI FLEX.

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Dancutters FPV Headset


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  • Dimensions

    20cm x 16cm

  • Weight


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Product Information

Download spec sheet
Cover of FPV Headset spec sheet cover

FPV Headset

The high-quality headset has an ultra-immersive field of view, an integrated 32-channel wireless receiver, built-in SD card support to 32 GB (AVI file), and USB charging. With the headset, we have focused on usability first by letting the cutter operator enjoy the full FPV experience without worrying about extra charging cables or accessory components.

Included onboard DVR, uses an integrated channel scanner to pick up the strongest video feed, and has an improved 800 Å~ 480 TFT resolution display for a crisper image. The onboard OSD shows video signal strength,battery lifetime, and selected channel.

  • Before use attach the antenna ontop of the unit
  • Turn the headset on with the POWER button
  • Make sure that the control unit on the cutter is turned on
  • Press and hold the button SCAN for 1-2 seconds while the headset finds the signal from the control unit
  • The Velcro straps on the headset can be adjusted to fit your head size
  • To charge the headset battery use the included Micro USB-C cable
  • Ultra immersive field of view
  • Excellent for bright sunlight
  • User friendly
  • Easy to adjust to your head size
  • Integrated 32-channel wireless receiver
  • Built-in SD card support to 32 GB
  • 800 Å~ 480 TFT resolution display
  • USB charging
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